We invite you to have an enthralling journey along Black sea seaside.

We invite you to take part in relax yacht on the catamaran “Contento” along the coast of the Odessa Gulf. We organize group and individual yacht tours starting from Yacht Club “Otrada” to Vorontsovsky Lighthouse and up to Arcadia Area to Cape “Big Fountain”. On board of our English manufactured catamaran, you will be treated with cool drinks, local fruits, delicious cocktails and all this listening sea waves, sail rustling or relax pleasant music.

And most importantly, we want this service will have a reasonable price. We made a market investigation and offer the most reasonable price and even lower than the boats of our class. We want every guest of our city to become our friend and just like we realized that Odessa is not a narrow strip of houses and streets along the sea on the map, but Odessa is a real “round” city on the map, but a second half of Odessa city could be shown only for chosen friends of our Yacht. Be Chosen! Come to our yacht and you will see the “second half” of Odessa.